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Samsung BluRay players Firmware update available

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Samsung BluRay players Firmware updates available

Firmware links for all Samsung BluRay players listed below or install it directly from the players menu if your player is hooked up to the net.

All player firmware downloads now located HERE on one convenient page

Please Note: On players with an ethernet connection or wireless, Firmware can be updated automatically using the user menu under "Firmware"
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I have the Samsung BRDP BD-P1600(Bedroom) and they sent a new firmware for it that popped up on screen after I watched a movie so I upload it thinking cool new info..........Duh I forgot my audio setting went back to default. Rear speakers would not play and no DTS Mastered HD on my Onkyo TX-SR605 display. 45 minutes later and 3 different Tech Support and noone could figure out why this happened. One of them told me since my unit had Never been upgraded it had to be done TWO times..... Unbelievable! how?? when then send you the firmware ONE time(on line) unit. Duh. So I am looking at the owners manual .again.and it hit me....check to see if my audio setting was still on Bitstreaming Audio............Hello found the problem. I really felt stupid but I talked to 2 techs and their Manager.NONE of them said hey look at your audio settings. I even explained I had HDMI from BRDP to A/V HD Receiver and HDMI to Flat Screen.
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