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Samsung DLP freeze in black/white image.

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I have HLN5065W Samsung DLP TV.
It works good for sometime and freeze in black/white image with sound coming properly.
I have to unplug the TV and it takes for a while to see it up with the image.

Initially it was good for a 30 - 40 minutes on Video 2.
Recently I was using my cable TV and I went through the channels which were not transmitted and came back to the channels which are working. During those switching between the channels it is observed that the screen froze with in 5 mins.

Now I have put the TV back in Vidoe 2 mode, but with in 2 mins the TV freezes into Black and white with the sound running in the background.

Can some please help me in this that how I can fix it.

Thanks in advance
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Likely a DMD board, which, last I checked. was no longer available. You may have to buy the light engine to get it. You need to talk to Samsung customer relations, but they will likely not do much until you get it evaluated by a Samsung ASC.
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