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Six years ago I bought a Sammy HL-P4663 at Circuit City.

I opted for the service contract (something I don't usually do) because I felt this was new enough technology it might not be bug-free.

The lamp went out on it within six months. CC would have sent me a new one to install myself (and not have to return the old one-hmmmmm). Since I had bought the warranty, I insisted they do it. Everything ok. Total for this call: $393, close to the $ 499 I paid for the warranty.

Six months later, the set developed a mind of its own regarding turning on and off at random. Pretty spooky when it come on in the middle of the night. Diagnosis: bad light engine. Charge: $1472. Warranty cost recouped in full plus. And I'm pretty sure I could have called them before the warranty ended with another "bad bulb" and they would have sent it to me.

The set has performed flawlessly since then. We are moving and I am planning to put a HT in a dedicated room in our new house. TV of Choice? An 82" Mitsubishi DLP. From a value point, I can't find anything close. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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