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I bought a Samsung F7100 60" LCD TV about two months ago and today I noticed two dead pixels. One is a dead red pixel about 6" from the top right corner and the other is a dead blue pixel about 6" from the top left corner. Unfortunately it's too late to return the TV so I'll have to use the warranty. I was just wondering though if anyone knows if this will even be covered or if they have any suggestions on how to convince the Samsung call center to cover this? Also does anyone know if Samsung uses refurbished panels to do warranty work or if they will use a brand new panel when swapping out my panel?


P.S. I'm in Canada in case that affects things.

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I am not sure what Samsung's policy is on this. I would contact them if it was mine.

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Per Samsung's web site:

Dead Pixel Limited Warranty Statement

TFT-LCD/LED/PDP & Monitors

The dead pixel warranty applies when your TFT-LCD/LED/PDP & Monitors contains more than 7 dead pixels within the standard warranty period of your TFT-LCD Monitor which SAMSUNG will exchange the LCD panel/module, provided that the defective unit is returned to SAMSUNG complete with full accessories and original packaging.

Zero Bright Defect (ZBD) only applies when it occurs within 7 working days from purchased date, regardless of dot quantity, the defective LCD panel/module shall be replace by SAMSUNG.

Bright Dot Defect occurs when pixels are always lit or "ON". Black Dot Defect occurs when pixels are always dark or "OFF".

Mobile Phone & Tablets

The Dead pixel warranty applies when your mobile phone display contains certain dead pixels as per below table within the standard warranty period on your mobile phone display which SAMSUNG will replace/replenish your defective mobile phone display.

Claimable dead pixel policy is as below:

Specification Claimable
General LCD 1 or over 1
Super-AMOLED 3 or over 3
WVGA resolution LCD 4 or over 4
Now I'm not certain if your display would be covered by the first paragraph or not. :dontknow: What I would do is call them right away and find out what their policy for defective pixels is and if there is a remedy for your 'Bright Dot Defect'. Something that you could try on your own would be the "Pixel Flipper" on Disney's World of Wonder disc.
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