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This is my first question on this forum and I want to begin by saying that all I've read here so far has been awesome!
Background: We had the above mentioned Samsung HD rear Projection TV in use for about 5 years with no problems, then the red convergance started going bad, then progressively worse, until it was taking about an hour of warm up for the red to stay aligned (too bad I didn't find this forum then$$.)
My hubby used that as an excuse to buy another (bigger better newer HDTV) and we stored this TV in our house for over a year then moved it to a friend's house and plugged it in (this is where things got ugly.) [Since we didn't read the user manual (DOH!) before moving, when it left our VERY COOL air conditioning, got into a truck on 96 degree day, then into their mildly cool a/c house, they neglected to let it sit for the recommended 2 hours to allow the moisture accumulated during the temp change to dissapate which caused an IC board connected to the yoke(?) of the "red" tube to short, sizzle, spark, SPARK.] I know ... RTFM!
I opened the back of the unit and immediately found the source of the smell which was a charred board, melting ribbon cable plug and its soldered socket on the board as well as a blown/burnt component, which I will assume from reading this forum is a pico fuse.
Question: Can I get that board as a replacement part (it is the one that is suspended from the bottom of the glass tube which either includes or is attached to the collar at the base of the red color assembly) for a reasonable price or is it only available as a complete assembly? I don't want to put money into it to buy the service manual just to find out that the part isn't even available.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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