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Samsung HL-R4667W DLP problems

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:coocoo:Hi Guys,

I have a Samsung DLP TV as noted. When I power up the unit the lamp light will flash for about 45 seconds and then the lamp light stops flashing. When powing up You can hear a click and the engine/fly wheel kicking in. The Bulb is on however there is nothing but a black screen. After about 2 minutes the tv mechanics shut down and the temp/timer light are steady red for about 5 minutes.

I removed the back and pulled the bulb 3 times making sure there was a good connection. The switch is making contact with the door. All fans are running. I have vaucuumed the unit of all dust and did a visual on the high temp switch above the bulb.

Checked wire connections and so on. There is one obvious occurance- when powered up the musical sound is no longer present. Outside of this there have been no noticibale loud noises.

What gets me is the lamp powering up but no picture. You would thing that if the lamp powers up there would be a picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The bulb is about 2 years old.

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Sounds like a digital board problem, but it could also be a DMD board. Hard to say for sure. Have you tested all inputs, do you get any menus, any sound, and can you start up the set again after it quits?
I unplugged the set for the evening and just got home. Plugged it in and the timer/overheat lamp was on. I then turned the tv on and it made the musical notes and the picture came on. Weird?

I have not tested anything? do you still feel it could be one of the boards and if so how would I narrow it down to one or the other?

Thanks for your reply.
Oh ya no sound until I turned the set on this evening.
When it acts up, note all of the conditions, input, etc. Look for patterns such as is the set hot, cold, just reset. Ask and answer the questions above. Observation is the first step...
he may want to try the digital board fix to see if the tv set starts working. then he would know it needs the digital board. look at the topic for the HLR6167w it has the same digital board as your tv. I had the same issue and it was the digital board.
Thanks Jason for your comments and suggestions.......I'll check it out.
Hi can you please update with results? I have had the same symptoms except the it's not an intermittent problem. Lamp turns on, boot up sound, no picture (just dark grey illumination). At first I was told it may the color wheel because hum was a bit loud. But later found out there was a power surge in the area due to storms. I think it may be the digital board. I just hope it's not the DMD which would be prohibitively expensive to repair. Help appreciated!
More info and troubleshooting will be needed to decide where the problem may be. Could be either the DMD board or the digital board. Not much difference in price really, and symptoms can be similar. Read through the related threads for some ideas of things to check.
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