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Samsung Home Theater HT-X40

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I am getting the word "PROTECTION" on my display and then the power goes off. I have plugged and unplugged. That did not help. My understanding is that the dvd is over heating. Any ideas on how to fix or should I just buy a new one. This is built in so I want to use the speakers I have installed.
Any help will be appreciated.
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If it's built in and you're using speakers that are special, there are a few things.

- Does the unit have sufficient ventilation?

- Are the speakers you're using 4 ohm and possibly the HT unit won't handle 4 ohm?

- PROTECTION generally refers to the amp section so that could also be overheating or you could have a short in the speaker wiring

Make sure the speaker wires aren't in contact with one another. This sounds like a short,though if it's playing for a while and then fritzes out, it's more likely the amp overheating.
My first thought was a short as well. That's the only thing that's ever sent my amps into protection.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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