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I changed out the Samsung AA95-01846D Sub Deflection Board and the problem I had with the set tripping out in fail safe mode is resolved. The new board appeared to have the flyback transformer disassembled and repaired because there was silicone on the new one where the old transformer did not have any sealant on it.

Anyway it was easier for me to change out the old board and it had the added advantage of being tested and known to be in operating condition when I installed it so if it was not the original problem it would have eliminated a part in the trouble shooting process. The part cost $95 and to bring it in for testing would have cost me $75 in addition to the cost of repair and gasoline. Since the TV is 60" it is not easy to remove from the basement and transport especially in the winter:yay2::yay2::yay2:.

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Please post where you got your part so that others may benefit from the information.

You don't repair flybacks, you replace them. If it had silicone it was likely there to keep the core from vibrating. Some techs will seal leaky flybacks with silicone, but it is a bad practice. More often, you get one that vibrates at a half harmonic of the horizontal frequency or at that frequency and makes a ringing noise. You can often quiet them with silicone.

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• The Samsung rear projector TV's have a Fail Safe circuit connected
to the Flyback transformer, if the power at RR402S dosn't reach
2.25 v in a few seconds the Micom kills power to the switching IC.
Most of the time this problem originates in the power section. It
could mean the Flyback Transformer is getting bad. But most of the
time I have found that the Switching IC is failing. This IC is
located between Transformer T801S and attached to large Aluminum
Heat Sink. It is identified as IC831S (STR-X6456).

• Check to see if you have the 117 volts you need to power the Flyback Transformer. You can test this at the connector labeled
CN801 at TP61 and grd. If you do not have power here check the
fuses around the T801S Transformer. They are little green
components that look like resistor and labeled with an FD.
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