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My rear projection HDTV has worked flawlessly for 5 years. Recently we connected a gaming system and used it for an afternoon. After the game (weii) was disconnected the television would not start, after the power button is pressed the unit starts the timer light blinks for 3 seconds then turns itself off. I believe this is fail safe mode.

I have removed the power supply board and PC sub (middle) board for inspection. None of the fuses were open, all components and solder joints appeared to be normal. The only unusual issue was a small amount (less than a 1/16 of a teaspoon) of a greenish greasy material around the connectors and resistors near the center of the board near the R B G terminals.

1) Does this set have coolant in the crt tubes that may have leaked?
2) Is the failsafe mode reset by unplugging the set and waiting for 1/2 hr or so then turning the set back on? Or is something else necessary.
3)Does anyone have any experience with a similar problem, (which parts were bad)
4) Are there common failure modes for this set? What are they?
5) The PCB sub board can be purchased on line for the cost of a diagnosis, is it worth while to replace it to avoid moving the set around in the winter?

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1. Yes
2. No, the set shuts down if there is a problem detected and will not run until it is corrected. It may try to restart but will just go back to the same protect mode.
3. There is a thread on coolant leaks, actually a couple of them. The parts damaged vary with the location of the coolant if that is your problem.
4. Most common would be convergence failures, but if you have a coolant leak that needs to be dealt with first.
5. I am not sure which board that is, but replacing boards can create other issues. If it can be repaired without great cost, that is preferable as it avoids the problems of alignments or loss of alignments.
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