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SB X-Fi - which "mode" to use when calibrating ?

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This is my first time using REW. I'll be using the original RS analog meter as my microphone, connecting it to my son's PC that has an internal Soundblaster X-Fi sound card. In my research on his sound card, I discovered it has three modes - Entertainment, Game, and Audio Creation. Does it matter which mode I use ? Would Audio Creation be the best ? It seems that it is geared for receiving audio input versus just outputing sound.

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Thanks guys. I figured those other modes would introduce some effects, like the "Crystalizer".
I will have time this weekend or Monday to play with it. Since it is my son's computer, I only can get on it when he's not home.
I suspect I'll have more questions once I start using it.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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