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Screen on wheels

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Anyone have any tips or links as to how to properly build a frame with wheels to attatch a screen to and be able to roll out of the room when done?
Screen size is 106"--less than 15 lbs of total weight--will be attatched with finishing nails to frame.

**It needs to be be 'freestanding'.
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Oh no, here comes some major trial and error and useless costs. :)

O.k., anyone with any ideas?

I'm thinking a wide base of say 23" so as to allow for angled 2" x 4"s or 2" x 8"s as bracing.
Put wheels at six points(corners and midway)
Then just copy a tried and true framed screen(if you guys know any links :))

I have 23" of clearance width-wise to wheel into extra room when not in use.
I have 80.25" of clearance height-wise.
I have 118" of clearance length-wise.

I was thinking of using either two pieces of 4' x 8' laminate and sealing the seam as best I can -or- doing that but then adding wallpaper liner over top before painting.

*If I kept the screen along a wall in the same living room I would have basically unlimited size concerning length and height...but same 23" as max for width of base.
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you mean blackout cloth on the frame as the base to paint on?
I haven't ruled it out, just thought that stuff was tough to get and keep flat.
Not hard to keep flat. I got mine, it was folded, so had a pretty serious crease down the middle of the screen horizontally, but it was invisible unless you were looking from approx. 40 degrees up or down at it.

It's completely gone now, the cloth has relaxed and is perfectly flat.

I probably didn't stretch it as tight as I could have, either.
How much should ~8'x5' cost?
I'll look into the BOC threads to learn more.
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