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Screen Paint Recommendation - Panasonic AE8000U

First, I am new here. Second, I did perform a search through the forum for my projector model. The last post was in 2015 and thus the reason I am asking.

I am finally getting around to painting my screen. For the last 2 years, it has been projecting on a smooth skimmed wall surface (the guy was awesome and it is as smooth as a baby behind). The hope is to now paint that surface. On another site, people have pedal pushed their products. I am hoping for something a little less commercial and more homeowner friendly here. Below are some general specs of the room and equipment. I hope this helps with some recommendations.

Projector: Panasonic AE8000U
Projection size: ~110" (that is the max it can push from the throw distance)
Throw Distance: ~11'
Seating distance: ~10'
Room info: Front and back walls are a dark blue; ceiling and side wall are a shade of black. It is a modified Carolina Panthers colored room. Without equipment, I would guess that 90% of the ambient light can be blocked during the day, 99% at night. The room is pretty dark when watching movies.
Viewing: Mostly movies, some sports, 3D on occasion but not a huge priority.

My question is what color/type/brand paint should I get? If it is a mix, info on that would be great too. Thanks for any feedback.
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