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I am looking to extend the extension of my dual stacked 6'cu 19ov.02 sealed sonosubs.

I really don't want to disassemble them and add poly fill unless it is worth it so that leaves me with 2-3 questions:

1. Can pollyfill rest on the back of a woofer on a downward firing sono?
2. How much further will pollyfill extend the extension?
3. is it "worth it"?

Note: If it helps they get about 650w each if anyone knows how to run the numbers. I can also boost the low end up to 6db as low as 20hz

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1. That might create a heat issue depending on how hard you drive the sub. Best to leave an air space just to be safe.
2. It would probably be barely measurable.
3. If you're trying to get more low end output then it's not worth it. Pollyfill can't fix a design issue.
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