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The reason I am trying this is, that I don't have a huge budget (just moved to South Dakota and the move was spendy) and until I can afford something like a velodyne I need to make this work as good as I can. I also like the look of these cabinets. But I have amps already from my band days plus a few tube amps and instead of buying a plate amp I see electronic crossovers for subwoofer use. I hope I can get this to work. I have a pair of 15 subwoofers from an Allen organ that goes down to 15 hertz to reproduce the 32' pedal pitches which at low "C" is at 16.4 hertz . The cabinet the Allen speakers came from was much smaller.
sorry to hear you moved to the rushmore state...it's getting cold! I'm in Sioux Falls. I thought low c, bottom c, was 8Hz?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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