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I joined this site because I wanted to warn others so that they don't have the same issues I'm now having.

One month out of warranty I noticed the fabric on my seats were puling apart at the seams.

Why did I notice? Because after having one footrest not lock I then had a hand pull cable snap in two.

So while trying to fix the cable pull I noticed the seat fabric was worn away. Then I started looking at the other seats. Four of which have been used maybe 5 times total and other than that never get used since it's just myself and my wife.

ALL of them are pulling away at the same spot, so it's obviously a quality control thing but even though I'm just out of warranty I was told there was nothing that could be done.

So I would HIGHLY suggest you look for your theater seats elsewhere unless you only want them to last for a year?

Here are some pictures.

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