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I'm trying to decide if I should sell my Denon 4810 and get the 4311. Mostly because I'm about to get the Samsung 63" plasma 3D which comes with the free 3D bluray and glasses kit. As most of you know 3D requires HDMI 1.4 thus the main reason for upgrading as I don't want to have to run 2 HDMI cables thru the wall and buy the panasonic BDT350 which separates the audio/video on it's bluray player. Then I'd have to switch inputs on the TV vs. the receiver which isn't a big deal, but now I have to buy another bluray player for $400 vs. using the one that's included in the deals I'm seeing.

I bought a 4810ci earlier this year, then moved in June so only got about 5 months of enjoyment out of it. It's an awesome receiver. But now in the new house I've already swapped out my Rocket onix speakers (sold to two folks on this forum) to the Anthony Gallo Strada's for LCR http://www.roundsound.com/reference-strada.htm and the a'diva ti's for rears.

I only need 7.1 and ability to also have a 2nd zone powering outdoor speakers.

What's the 4810 worth? (PM me if you're interested which might make this decision easier, i'm in the bay area)

It's really a bummer the 4810 doesn't have 1.4. I paid a grip earlier this year. would love some advice.
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