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Semi-Modest Home Theater from Australia

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Hi all.

Someone recommended I post pics of my HT construction.

We're currently building our new home on the South Coast of NSW, in Australia. The house is almost finished now. Currently the HT room is painted, but awaiting carpet etc.

See attached pics for some basic construction pics and also a mockup I did in photoshop of the front wall of the HT. Sorry for the quality of the photos, it's really hard to get a shot inside the HT room without a wide angle lens.

My HT set up will be the following:

Yamaha RX-V3800 receiver
Energy Conoisseur C7 floorstanders for mains
Energy center
4 x Athena bookshelfs for surrounds (surrounds slightly bigger than rears)

130" EVO 3D 16:9 screen from OZ Theater Screens here in Australia

Epson TW5500 (when it's released in a few weeks) (called the 9500 or something in the USA?)

The room is 4.4m wide x 5.4m long (14.43' x 17.71' for you yankees) with a standard 8 foot ceiling.

The subwoofers are 2 SHIVA mkIII subs that will be transplanted into bigger sealed boxes. They're currently in teeny 13" cubes with 600watt plate amps and relying on large amounts of EQ from the yamaha receiver - which I hope to do away with when transplanting to the bigger boxes (same plate amps tho). I need some help on how to fill the subs and what to fill them with to give deeper extension, so anyone with advice on that, I'd love to hear from you.

I'll be adding bass traps/absorbers around the room bit by bit after I get the audio gear in. The intention is to start with some front corner bass traps and some panels at the first reflection points and behind the mains. From there, depending on how much more i need, I will add rear corner traps, a couple of panels either side and behind the listener, and maybe 1 on the roof. But that may be overkill, so I'll see.

So that's it. It's nothing really super custom. I mean the room is a room, with rockwool insulation in all walls. There's 6 x dimming halogen downlights. The roof is matte black, as are all the window/door frames and architraves. The walls are all dark brown, with the front wall mixed between dark brown and black. There's 2 small, short windows at the back of the room, and 1 on the left wall, which will be covered with block out curtains. Carpet is dark brown.

Also ordered the chairs, which are 2 x leather recliners and a matching 2 seater leather couch.

I'll be posting more pics up over the next few weeks as bits and pieces arrive and I start adding things into the room, building the traps, the sub boxes etc. I know it's only a modest setup, but still is more than I have ever had before!

Would love to know what you think!




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That's a decent size house you are building. I think you will be happy with the Shiva's in a larger enclosure. I was impressed with what one can do in an extended bass shelf design.
Keep the pics coming. :T
Looks great Scott...looking forward to more pictures as things progress. Which Energy center do you have?
Nice progress so far on a nice looking space. Keep it up.

I like the custom look of the component rack in your render:) Are you building it yourself?

Good luck.
That is an impressive looking house structure!..:T
You mentioned the walls will be dark brown, but in the photos they look bluish!..Has there been a change of plans?
Nice progress so far on a nice looking space. Keep it up.

I like the custom look of the component rack in your render:) Are you building it yourself?

Good luck.
Thanks! It's not final. The height may be slightly taller. I'll either build it or have it build. While my woodworking skills are fine for simple sealed subs, I don't rate myself quite so well with furniture. Will probably end up with it custom made.

That is an impressive looking house structure!..
You mentioned the walls will be dark brown, but in the photos they look bluish!..Has there been a change of plans?
Ahh yeah, that's the iphone attempting to brighten the image. The small window was shining in light from a clear blue-sky day into the room. In reality, on that day the room was REALLY dark. The iphone just tried to rebalance the colours. The brown definitely has a grey to it too, but no blue. Look at the shot of the roof with the downlights, that's BLACK, but looks brown in that shot! LOL. Sorry about the poor quality. Once I'm allowed to walk around in there again, after the floorboard lacquer has dried, maybe tomorrow!

Expecting delivery of the 130" screen next week!
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some updates..

Just ordered the bits for my subwoofers..

2 x Exodus Audio Shiva X2's
1 x Behringer EPX2000 (650watt RMS x 2 into 4ohms)
2 x quality sealed enclosures with spikes, cloth grilles, black ash veneer.

Will be 85 litre boxes.

Should be pretty cranking!

w00t w00t!
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Are you putting your gear into an AV stand or are they built into the front wall. It's hard to tell from the picture. If you enclose your gear in make sure to put some fans in the cabinet. They will tend to heat up quite a bit. My PS3 doubles as a space heater at times. Your receiver relies on convection for cooling so if the air inside the cabinet is already hot from the PS3 (exhaust to the rear) it may trigger the protection circuitry and shut down. If you get a 120mm computer fan you can always hook it up to the trigger out on the AVR.
Very nice! Keep us up to date with pictures.
It will be a sort of entertainment unit/stand/rack thing. I'm going to have it built for me, and I'll make sure there's plenty of open space on the back so that air can flow out the back and up.
Very nice drivers Scott..It should sound great..:T
Pics of the build would be nice..
my screen(s) arrived today!

You can see my 130" OZ Theatre Screens... screen.. in the big, long box :) Next to it are my two new Apple LED Cinema Displays! Shame the actual mac pro hasn't arrived with them!


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It's great to see more Aussies going the dedicated cinema room! Looking forward to seeing the updates here.........and on DTV ;)
OK so some stuff arrived over the last 2 days..

Parts for my subwoofers have arrived

- 2 x ShivaX2 12" drivers
- 1 x Behringer EPX2000 amp.

I have to say, as an owner of the original Adire Audio Shiva's (mk1 and mk3's), these new Exodus versions are stunning. The build quality appears to be even better. The basket is more detailed and the magnet structure seems massive. The whole driver feels a lot heavier than my old Shivas.

As for the amp. The box says 'lightweight', however it's still pretty heavy. The amp puts out 650watts RMS x 2 into 4ohms. Although that's at 0.1% THD. Not sure what these would be at a lower THD, but still I think plenty of power for 2 12" subs. The boxes, as mentioned in previous post, are being built in Adelaide by forum member Crabra.

This new Behringer amp has RCA level inputs. They guy on the phone at Bavas Music said to me that these amps are more 'better' suited to home use. However I am curious as to wether I will need to buy a cleanBox to boost the output of my Yamaha's LFE output before it goes into the amp. My audio friend seems to think that if Behringer included RCA level inputs, then the input voltage on that input should match consumer level voltages. I'm not 100% convinced yet, and I guess I will only be able to tell once I plug it all in and hear for myself. Worst case, the amp is going to be around 12dB softer than the input being fed into it, meaning I'll need to crank the gain. If that's the case I'll buy a cleanBox, which will boost the level by the necessary amount, AND convert my signal to XLR. Best case, the amp has the correct voltage for 'consumer' input voltages on the RCA line level and I won't need to do a thing.

The second thing I'm unsure about is the fan-noise on the amp. I have read of people modifying their EP2500's. However those amps are not the 'lightweight' new models from Behringer. I expect this to be a quieter amplifier. So again, will wait until I can crank them a bit and hear the fan noise. It may be so minimal I can leave them as they are. But if they are loud, I will need to swap the fans for quieter ones - something I have little knowledge about. I may have to procure advice and tips from fellow forum members!

Carpet went in today. Whole house has the same style carpet, however the HT has a darker tone. HT is dark chocolate brown while the rest of the house is just brown. Couldn't get in to take photos, but hopefully will be able to tomorrow, so long as the builder is around to let me in. Really excited about moving in. The wife is sick of me being more excited about the HT room than the entire house being finished though.. LOL!

More soon,



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OK some updates and photos.

Firstly, I did the sub positioning test, whereby placing my sub in the seating position, then crawling around the room to find the best bass response - that place being the spot for my sub.....

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but basically, there wasn't really any place around the edge of the room that produced nice bass. I did get the most bass by crawling to the very back of the room behind the chairs, in the back corners. BUT, when I swapped, and placed the sub in the back corner location and sat in my seat, the bass was even less still. :( In a nut shell, I have tried my sub in every possible position available to me, aside from being placed up high off the floor... No matter what I do, the seating area, and in particular my main middle two seats.... is a massive bass black hole. No bass... the only thing I get is floor vibration, but no actual audible low end. Standing up however, makes a lot of difference, and the bass is much nicer as I walk around the room.. but that's up around the 6 feet mark.. so.. kinda useless.

So, I am at a loss. I have two new sub boxes arriving this week, into which my shiva x2's will go into, powered by the behringer. Part of me is hoping for a miracle of some sort, whereby the new subs have much better phase linearity and the response is more audible at the seating position, but I don't hold my breath.

I guess once the new subs arrive, and I'm still getting no bass, I'll start on the bass traps.

Below are some pics of my lounges and also one of my older subs on the lounge having a listen, to itself :)

Also, finally put my screen together. Did the frame last week, and tonight I finally put the screen material on. That was an effort, didn't realise how tiring it could be getting the screen tight across the frame. But the end result is perfect! Screen is huge, and lovely. With all my lights off in the room, the room is pitch black, can't even see the screen. So I can't wait for my JVC HD950 to arrive so I can see how the picture looks! In the pics, I have just rested the screen against the wall.

Well, that's it for now. My sub boxes should arrive late this week, so I'll upload pics of those and the fully assembled subs as soon as I can! My HT entertainment unit is being built right now, and should be ready in a couple of weeks.

Lastly, I need a projector ceiling mount for my HD950. Can anyone recommend something for me? I don't need any bells or whistles. Just a simple, but strong/good quality mount to hold by baby :)



Enjoy the pics.


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The chairs, carpet, wall color - all looks great Scottie. Hope you get your bass sorted out. Keep us posted.
Nice chairs Scott and the screen looks great!.:T
What is that sub you're trying to position now?..
Hey Prof,

It's a SHIVA mkIII in a teeny 14" cube, powered by a 600 watt plate amp :) Actually I have two of them. They dont have the greatest response, but I use the EQ in the RXV3800 to beef it up. They're left over from my old house, where there too, I had no bass in the seating position, and ended up needing 3 subs in the room - a small room- just to hear any good bass.

I have had seriously BAD luck with bass response to the point of making me want to throw my subs out the window lol.

I seriously tried the sub in all locations around the room, and none of them gave me pressurised bass in the seating positions :( I know the subs can do it, standing up and moving around the room I can hear various places with warm nice bass.

One thing you could try...and I seem to remember someone else having a similar problem...is to place the sub in a front corner location, angled into the room, to obtain maximum bass emphasis, and then raise it up off the floor by about a foot or so..
Might be worth a shot..
One thing you could try...and I seem to remember someone else having a similar problem...is to place the sub in a front corner location, angled into the room, to obtain maximum bass emphasis, and then raise it up off the floor by about a foot or so..
Might be worth a shot..
OK I'll try that, for sure.

Though when my new sub boxes arrive, putting them that high in the corner may be impossible due to them pushing my mains in, covering the screen :(

But I will give it a go.
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