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Serious issue with Marantz SR 6015 Units with LFE channel losing bass randomly

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Front : Dali Oberon 3
Center: Dali Overon Vokal
Rear : Dali Spektor 1
Sub : JL Audio E112

Long Story Short please read
I had bought the new setup with Denon X2700H AVR used that AVR for month then changed to MARANTZ 6015 was soo much imressed the sound different was huge was soo happy 2 days it worked great then next day i played music and there is no PUNCH from the SUB
Have tried everything reset changed wire stuff
was getting some bass when i was putting +12 DB in marants settings and ful volume of SUB then was getting some sound from sub but not even close of what its used to get there was nothing no matter what i did no matter the time i wanted and all

1st i thought its the sub has issues sent to service center found it no issues was working fine there
then i took my marants also and it was not working there either so it was the UNIT which was faulty (they told me leter its card is smoked)
it was newly purchased so the shopkeper has given me new UNIT

worked for a day then all of sudden same issue lost bass in the middle of movie then it came back again and happened again while listening song

Right now i am complety going crazy whats wrong what to do
Please help
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There should be a "level" or "volume" control on the subwoofer. It sounds like yours may have been accidentally turned-down. Before adjusting that volume control on the subwoofer, REMOVE THE BASS BOOST YOU ADDED IN THE AVR... that's critical to avoid damaging the subwoofer. Next. lower the volume level of the AVR so that it's not off, but is at a low level that won't blast the sub when you start sending a test or music signal. Adjust the subwoofer volume control to get the sub to the right output level and you should be back to normal. I've heard of cats rubbing against the warm amps and turning the volume potentiometer (pot) way up or way down. Dogs and toddlers have also been known to move the volume setting.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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