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Hi, looking for good advice for good value choices for awesome movie & sound experience in a fun theater space I'm building in a Historical Society building.
1.) It's a 30x30x22' tall space, so a whopping 19,000cuft for the subwoofer sizing. Instead of one big sub to fill the space, is it possible and more cost effective to users subs?
2.) Will 110W/ channel 7.1 Yamaha amp be enough with 100W capable speakers? If a dual channel amp is used, can I run two 100W speakers together for 200W/channel equivalent power? Can dual channel amps run both channels at once?
3.) For the screen, I'm thinking of a 20' wide screen on the 30' wide wall, so about 24' diagonal. First row of seats is 101" from screen putting viewers head about 120" from the screen, so this row is really close. The rear seats will be 26' away from the screen. I assume the white screen space should be painted in pure flat white with 16:9 widescreen format surrounded by flat black for rest of wall? I'd like to place projector 28-30' from the screen at back of room.
4.) For the projector, from what I read, a good HD projector made for movies with pixel shifting for UHD is a great choice. I assume a 4000-5000 lumen projector would be best? Do laser projectors run cooler and more reliable than HID bulb projectors? Can a 2500-2600 lumen projector like the Epson 4050 do the job? This would be very economical and I like what I hear about the contrast ration and really dark blacks. Will use for movies but also for talks and presentations so I wasn't sure about just 2500 lumens on the large 20' screen when some house lights are on, maybe no house lights near screen?
5.) Room details: It will have a rear balcony at 8 and 16' over the back row of seats, each with one row of seats. 65 seats on the main floor, 13 on each balcony. I've been told, make everything as flat black as possible for the best experience, thinking of dark grey /black carpet except maybe center aisle in red for style. Sound absorption by carpet and maybe add sound panels on wall, any low cost, fire safe ideas for lightweight panels or dark foam. The current plan for walls and ceiling is simply drywall (painted black).

Summary: I would love your recommendations for the different pieces of equipment to create a very economical yet awesome movie and sound experience.
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