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Setting up REW with HDX output

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Hello all!

First post, searched for hours to find an answer but couldn't find;

I want to measure my studio, hooked up an UMIK 1 mic to my mac pro 5.1 HDX rig but am stuck to only measuring Left, Right, Subwoofer.
Is there a workaround to measure my 5.1 setup, speakers individually? I tried for hours to do different combinations, make a aggregate and one time I managed to be able to select L C R SUB but then the routing of the speakers weren't working properly.

I am able to get sound out of my left speaker and control it through the Xmon, but rather have all speakers working to make a good test.
If I just have the stereo option, the sound of the right speaker is routed to the right surround instead of the front right. I can imagine that measuring only left and right would already be a big help since there are the biggest problems (placed in the corners). But then also i have to correct the routing.

My setup is:

- Umik 1 measure mic >
- Mac pro 5.1 >
- Pro tools HD X >
- AVID 8x8x8 I/O >
- AVID XMON / D-command >
- PSI monitors (5.0 setup, no sub)

I run latest version of Sierra. If someone has some tips, thanks in advance!
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If you configure the output as 5.1 in the Mac's Audio Midi Setup you should be able to select the individual channels directly from REW.
Hello John,

Thanks for your reply. I might oversee something really easy; but I selected it I think properly in the Audio Midi Setup, but it still won't show in REW. Am I missing a simple step?

Audio Midi setup: Configure Loudspeakers on the Avid HDX (used as sound output and sound output for effects). Then I select 5.1 in configuration in the drop down menu and get the right channels for the speakers. (that left is left, right is right etc, Xmon has a different count).


Could you post a screenshot of the Audio Midi preferences with the HDX selected? Also on the REW soundcard preferences there is a 'Generate debug file' button, please click that and attach the file it produces.
Hello John,

Here are the screenshots! Had to split the debug files into 2 files (1/2 + 2/2).

Hope it makes any sense, and hoping to hear if you find something helpful.
Thanks in advance,


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Thanks. The problem is the HDX only offers either 1, 2 or 16 channels. REW is looking for 8-channel formats at most so ends up with the HDX's stereo offering. To get around that I need to change REW to accept the 16-channel format (and potentially other formats, no doubt there are devices out there offering 24 channels, or 32, or 64...). I'll have a go at doing that for the next beta release, but in the meantime you'll have to find another way to route the signal to the channels you want.
Thanks for your reply John, makes sense!

I will try to disable output 9/16 in the HDX card menu (not sure if that's possible, but I'll try tomorrow.)
Otherwise I will wait for the next beta, and for now I will repatch cables otherwise.

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