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Setting Up Your Home Theater Audio 101

Thought I'd compile a few sites that helped me out with the audio portion of my Home Theater. Hopefully they will help some of you out there.

I've linked to a lot of sites here, so many thanks to them.
This is a work in progress.

I think I overdid the 101, after the second link. LOL

If you know of anymore .....

Please start your own thread if you have questions. You'll get a better response.

Setting Up Your Home Theater Audio 101


Home Theater Explained by Marc J. Rochkind
Dolby Home Theater Equipment
Home Theater Shacks' Glossary
Audioholics - Glossary of Electronics Terms
Home Theater Talks' Glossary of Home Theater Terms
The Dolby Guide to Home Theater Sound
Home Theater HiFi's - How a Hole-in-the-Box Works - A Big Dig into Bass Reflex
CePro's - Setting Up a Multi room A/V System
Aperion Audio's University

Receiver, Amplifier, DVD Player - General Setup

Audioholics - Receiver Setup and Connections
Audioholics - Basic Audio & Video Set-Up Guide
Audioholics - Heat Buildup and Your AV Components
Audioholics - DVD Player Setup
Audioholics - DVD Audio Setup Tip
Audioholics - Home Theater Set-up Basics
Home Theater HiFi's - Using the Auto Set-up and EQ Features in an SSP or Receiver
Home Theater HiFi's - DVD Player Benchmarks
Crown's - How Much Amplifier Power Do I Need?

Audio Formats & Technology

Dolby Technology Overview - TrueHD/Digital Plus/Surround EX/Pro Logic IIx etc...
DTS on Blu-ray & HD-DVD
THX Technologies
Audioholics - What is Dolby Digital Surround?
Audioholics - Dolby Digital vs. DTS: A Guide to the Strengths of the Formats
Audioholics - THX Select and THX Ultra2 Certification - General Questions
Home Theater HiFi's - THX-Certification: What It Means and How to Use It
Home Theater HiFi's - Pro Logic IIx: What it Is, How it Works, and a Comparison with Other Formats

Interconnects, Cables and Connections

Audioholics - Audio & Video Connections Guide
Audioholics - Connection Tips 101 - Cabling Your System
Audioholics - Home Theater Prewire Basics - Introduction
Audioholics - Signal and Connector Types
Audioholics - Whole House HT Wiring Basics, Part 1
Audioholics - Whole House HT Wiring Basics, Part 2
Audioholics - Whole House HT Wiring Basics, Part 3
Audioholics - Whole House HT Wiring Basics, Part 4
Audioholics - Understanding In-wall Speaker, Video and Audio Cable Ratings
Audioholics - The Truth About Interconnects and Cables
Audioholics - Connecting a Cable TV or Satellite System
Audioholics - HDMI 1.3 Q&A
Audioholics - Understanding HDMI Ver 1.3
Audioholics - HDMI Interface - A Beginner's Guide
Home Theater HiFi's - DVI and HDMI Connections and HDCP Explained
Audioholics - HDMI 1.3 and Cables Part 1: It's All in the Bitrate
Home Theater Mag's - Speaker Wire Installation & Wiring
Blue Jeans Cables - Cables FAQ
Ram Electronics - How to connect your Home Theater
Roger Russell: Speaker Wire - A History
Roger Russell: What Speaker Gauge Should I Use

Bi Amping - Bi Wiring

Audioholics - Bi Wiring: From Amplifier To Loudspeaker, Part 1
Audioholics - Bi Wiring: The Cable Conundrum, Part 2
Audioholics - The Difference Between Bi Amping vs. Bi Wiring

Ground Loops and Hum

Audioholics - Thinking in Isolation – A Primer on Ground Loops
Audioholics - Ground Loops - Eliminating System Hum and Buzz
HUM FAQ by Bill Lummus
Home Tech - RF Attenuators, Filters, & DC Blockers
Impact Acoustics - Isolation Transformers

Speaker Layout

Dolby Speaker and Room Setup
DTS 7.1 Channel Setup
THX 5.1 Speaker Layout
THX 7.1 Speaker Layout
Loudspeakers and Rooms for Multichannel Audio Reproduction, Part 1 by Floyd E. Toole from Harmon
Loudspeakers and Rooms for Multichannel Audio Reproduction, Part 2 by Floyd E. Toole from Harmon
Loudspeakers and Rooms for Multichannel Audio Reproduction, Part 3 by Floyd E. Toole from Harmon
Audioholics - Speaker Placement: Setup Tips for Upgraded Home Theater Systems
Audioholics - Loudspeaker Placement Guide
Audioholics - Home Theater Speaker Layout - An Essential Guide
Audioholics - Speaker Spikes and Cones – What’s the point?
Audioholics - Vertical vs Horizontal Center Speaker Designs
Bob Golds, Sanjay Durani - Dipole Surround Placement

Speaker Setup, Using SPL Meter

Techlore - How To Calibrate Your Surround System Using an SPL Meter
Audiophilia - Essential Accessories: The Radio Shack Sound Pressure Level Meter
Audioholics - Setting Speaker Levels & Distance in a Surround Sound System

Subwoofer Setup and Placement

Audioholics - Crawling for Bass - Subwoofer Placement
Audioholics - Subwoofer Placement Tips for Cabinetry Installations
Audioholics - An Easy Solution To Subwoofer Calibration
Audioholics - Bass Management Basics – Settings Made Simple
Audioholics - Subwoofer Placement Guidelines
Audioholics - Subwoofer Placement - The Place for Bass
Audioholics - Connecting a Subwoofer to a Receiver
Audioholics - Connecting a Subwoofer to a Receiver with No Subwoofer Output
Audioholics - Subwoofer Calibration Using Rives Audio Test CD 2
Audioholics - Setting the Subwoofer / LFE Crossover for Best Performance
Audioholics - Subwoofer Measurement Tactics: A Brief, Topical Overview & Method Comparison
Axiom - How to Find the Best Place for Your Subwoofer
Home Theater HiFi's - The Misunderstood 0.1 LFE Channel in 5.1 by Brian Florian
Sub Placement & Setup by Tom Nousaine, Chu Gai
AVIA: Subwoofer Calibration by Guy Kuo
Common Subwoofer Set-Up Errors by Edward J M
SVS - Ed Mullen's Subwoofer Setup Tips
SVS - How do I use a sound level meter to calibrate my Subwoofer
Subwoofer Setup Guide by Bossobass
What's the Big Deal About Crossovers?
LFE, Subwoofers and Interconnects Explained
Home Theater HiFi's - Bass Management Woes: Trouble on the Slopes

Sound Treatments and Acoustics

Audioholics - Introduction to Acoustics
Audioholics - DIY Absorbers for the Less-than-Handy Man
Audioholics - Acoustical Measurements - What are They?
Audioholics - A Guide to Sound Isolation and Noise Control
Audioholics - Room Acoustics: Isolation & Noise Control
Audioholics - Reducing HVAC Noise in Theater Rooms
Audioholics - Early Reflections in Home Theaters: A Different Perspective
Audioholics - Building Great Bass Response In Your Home Theater
Audioholics - Audyssey Labs' MultEQ
Audioholics - The Perfect Room?
Audioholics - Room Acoustics: Acoustic Treatments
Audioholics - Acoustics 101 Course by John Dahl of THX
Audioholics - Acoustics Facts and Fiction by Ethan Winer
Audioholics - Bass Traps - Not Just for Fisherman! by Ethan Winer
Audioholics - Early Reflections in Home Theaters: A Different Perspective
AVS - Acoustical Treatments Master Thread
Home Theater HiFi's - Acoustical Room Treatment: A Survey of Methods and Materials
Loudspeakers and Rooms - Working Together by Floyd E. Toole from Harmon
Maximizing Loudspeaker Performance In Rooms by Floyd E. Toole from Harmon
Audio – Science in the Service of Art by Floyd E. Toole from Harmon
Acoustical Concepts of Contemporary Home Theaters by Ryan O. Allen
Jon Risch's DIY Acoustic Treatments
Cutting Rigid Fiberglass for Bass Traps
Bob Gold's Absorption Coefficients
Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms by Ethan Winer
Real Traps - Acoustic Treatment Overview
ATS Acoustics - Sound Absorption and Acoustical Panel FAQ's
GIK Acoustics - Acoustics Primer - Some Basics On Acoustics
Ready Acoustics - Acoustical Primer
Sensible Sound Solutions
Sonopan Acoustics
Quiet Rock - THX Certified Drywall
Green Glue
Auralex SubDude
Owens Corning Rigid Fiberglas 700 Series Insulation


Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro DSP1124P
Home Theater Shack: BFD Guide
Home Theatre Shack: BFD Links
Audioholics - Active Room Correction: A Primer to Audyssey MultEQ Pro

Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Meters

Radio Shack Digital-Display Sound-Level Meter
Radio Shack Analog Display Sound Level Meter
Radio Shack SPL Meter Correction Tables
SVS's Radio Shack SPL Meter Compensation Chart
Galaxy Audio SPL Meter


Ovation Multimedia - Avia: Guide To Home Theater DVD
Video Essentials: Get The Most Out Of Your Home Entertainment System DVD
AVS - jeffreylebowski's Free Software for First Reflection Points
Room EQ Wizard Help Thread
Home Theater Shack: REW Forum
Home Theater Shack: Room EQ Wizard
Home Theater Shack: BFD Guide
Home Theater Shack: BFD Links
SPL Calculator by C.M.Collins
Harman Kardon - Waves & Modes-A Room Resonances Locater (XLS spreadsheet)
TrueRTA Audio Spectrum Analyzer
TrueRTA For Dummies
Audio Spectrum Analyzer - Spectrum Lab (Waterfall Chart)

Test Tones

Realm Of Excursion (Download Section)
RealTraps - Test Tone CD
Bink Audio Test CD
Rives Audio Test CD 2
Stay in Tune with PentaTone


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