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Hello all,
New to the forum and hoping for some direction regarding of my issue. 
I recently moved my home theater surround sound from one area to another in the family room and mounted the TV. Here's the old equipment/setup: Pioneer VSX-917 (2 HDMI, 1 optical TV/Sat, 1 digital out optical, and 1 optical for CD), Sony 60" 850Bxxx, Direct TV HR-44, and Gen 3 Apple TV. Setup: HDMI cable between ATV and TV; HDMI cable between TV and DTV box; HDMI cable between DTV box to Receiver; optical cable from TV to Receiver's optical Sat/TV input. This setup allowed me to watch/hear TV via my surround setup, stream via ATV, and play music from my iTunes library via Airplay. Now, the problem...

I decided to mount the TV and contacted Sony to discuss wall-mount bracket options, etc. Sony said any good VESA compatible wall-mount kit would work, so I purchased one. Unfortunately, where the right bracket attaches to the TV is so close to the optical input that I couldn't use the optical cable like I did before. So, instead of running the optical cable from the TV, I decided to run it from the DTV box to the receiver Sat/TV input, and that worked. Problem is I no longer have an input connection for the ATV. I have videos from it, but no audio, and have no idea of how to resolve.

Any help is appreciated!
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