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Hi All!

I have an Integra 7.8 receiver with B&W CM7-CMCENTER-CM1 5.1 setup with Velodyne Mini-Vee subwoofer.

I used the Audyssey setup and then experimented with the setup menu, Speaker configuration, which allows you to select Full Band or a cross-over frequency for each speaker. I set my front CM7 to Full Band, the CM-Center and the CM-1 Rears I set to 80 khz(THX). To me, it sounds like this provides a clearer midrange, I think by directing <80 khz to the front towers and the sub-woofer only.

Does this make sense to you all, and have I "cancelled" the Audyssey setup by doing this or not...

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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