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mleuba, you have not cancelled Audyssey by doing this. In fact, the crossovers for the speakers are really the area that Audyssey rarely gets right, in my opinion.

Distance is nearly always very accurate for me. Level trim, a lot of the times is really good, too.

My suggestion is to play with the crossover settings for each set of speakers and see what sounds best that way. Go slowly through the crossovers and see which one provides the best sounding blend. Another thing you might want to do is check the frequency response with AVIA or something like it to see if one particular crossover setting gives you the smoothest response. This way you'll also be able to find out if one absolutely does not work and introduces any frequency nulls, too.

All in all, experiment, experiment, experiment!!! Hope this helps!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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