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Hope this makes some sense?? My living room is 14 x 16 as a result with furniture space is limited. Currently in the back of the room in the L. corner have an 8cuft DO box with HST18's in the R. corner I have stacked 2 DS4's both in a MartyCube with the port blocked on top of that a 4cuft box with quad opposed Infinity 1262's, everything sounds fine my REW sweep hits single digits and fairly flat I should be happy but due to the size of the DO and the stack in the other corner it just looks odd which is driving me nuts!! Here is where I need suggestions please?? My first thought replace the DO with 2 sealed 4cuft boxes my HST's ( MK1's ) modeled good in 4 cuft box then I could either stack the HST's facing the corner or I could have 1 DS4 on the floor with the HST on top in each of the 2 back corners in both scenarios the Infinity's have to be on top in one of the 2 corners. Will this make a difference probably not but it would at least to the eye even things out. Plus by going all sealed makes it easier to integrate.
Option 2 I was thinking of going ported possibly the DS4's can be taken out of the Cubes and I can unblock the port just not sure which would do better in the Cube, the HST or the DS4?? Then I would still need to build 2 more boxes for which ever subs do not work in the Cube and that could be a problem as well ideally 8cuft + or - would be great but not sure if its even feasible? Even if it is I still will have the Quad box which is sealed so not sure how it will all work.
Sealed is great smaller box saves space but it also takes more from the amp to drive and it does get lower then ported. Ported is great but it takes a bigger box and I am space limited. It will play louder at tuned frequency then the sealed and does not need as much from the amp to drive it.
The image shows my current sweep may not be perfect but it works for me. Anybody have any suggestions besides me being stupid??


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