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Sharp LC-32SB28UT A LCD TV will not power on.

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Hi. Its been a while since I posted and I just want to say thanks for having me! I have a Sharp LC-32SB28UT A LCD TV that will not power on. It has 2 fuses, apparently one for neutral and one for line voltage. The are good. The control board, with the power button, has 3 wires that connect into the A/V board. Any thoughts on what this could be? Thanks!
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Only vague guesses until some testing is done. Is the standby supply running and is the microprocessor getting the power on command from the control panel? It is usually a 3.3 or 5 volt line that goes high or low when to power button is pressed.
Sorry for the delay. From my power button board, I have 3 wires Red, Brown and black, R to BL is 2.02V. This is unaffected by power button presses. R to BR is 2.02v to 0.0v on the power button presses. It seems like the signal from that goes to the AV board then turns on the PSU then the TV comes on. I have checked the PSU in some places and it seems to be waiting. Think I may need a AV board?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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