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SHARP XV-z17000 Projector Help

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Hi -- I have a SHARP XV-z17000 and I'm the original owner since buying new in 2013. I replaced the lamp approximately in 2018, 2021, and now in 2023. I used knock-off lamps for replacements and never had an issue other than potentially shorter life span. I normally run it for hours a day (daily usage) with ECO mode on.

This last lamp replacement, I used another knock-off and replaced it as I have the previous successful times and when it tries to turn on, I can see light for .5 seconds from the lens and then it goes dark. It repeats this several times until both the power and lamp light illuminate steady red.

I got advice from a local that the issue is likely with the knock-off lamp. So I ordered the original lamp (AN-K15LP) and went through the same replacement process / lamp reset timer. This time, when turning on, it again tries to create light from the lens, but every time it turns on - it again fades to black, repeats several times, and then ultimately the power and lamp light are solid red again.

It seems unlikely that both the new knock-off and Original lamp are the issue. I can see the lens illuminate partially, then dim, then off, then repeat until solid red lights for the power and lamp indicators. The struggle seems to be with the lens losing power and/or the lamp circuity that sends the light to the lens starting up, shutting down, repeating, until nothing.

Any advice on what else I can do/check? While I'm not foreign to Audio/Visual systems - I'm hesitant to open the entire thing up and explore without guidance. No one locally wants to work on the projector either.

Thank you,
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