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I got 3/4" MDF the other day for a shiva-x2 build, and I am about to start cutting, but before I do, I would like to have you guys review my design first, since it is my first DIY build.

I chose the shiva-x2 with 2 PR package for my build over a tempest-x2 build because I prefer a smaller box (~4.5 cu ft internal volume vs over 9 cu ft internal volume) over the ~3 db and slightly deeper extension.

The internal volume will be ~4.5 cu ft, with the driver, prs, and braces in place. The PRs will have 8 discs (making about 1000g I believe) on them. The amp will be the dayton 500w from PE.

Here are some pictures of the finished box and the winisd graph.

Any suggestions? Also, should I line the inside with anything?

Im not sure if you can see my pictures here, so here is my post in avs forum.
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