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SI 24HS D2 quad

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30" sq 3/4 bb...wil seal, stain, stuff & mount...Each having it's own cv-5000 amp. 2 enclosures finished 2 to go...


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I had a few minutes to do more listening today. I played Battlefield LA and tripped a breaker during the helicopter scene when the Marines are first deployed. I didn't realize it had so much ultra low frequency in there. First the lights deemed and a quarter second later I heard a pop then lost power. The thing is the 24's sounded very clean and looked controlled. Matter of fact, I have no idea how loud it was. My focus was on the movement of the surround around the drivers. I'm truly amazed at how clean and quick the SI 24's are!
You need four more to cut down on some of that distortion. :D
Do you have them on a dedicated circuit? Or is other equipment sharing the circuit?
4 of those beasts must have outstanding output, but it seems like you need to upgrade the power that you have feeding them!
Any more incidents like that 1?
It's super late here (literally it is 2:15 AM as I'm typing this) but am I reading this correctly - 4 (four) HS-24's in one room? Holy !! :hsd: :yikes:
Epic overkill...love it, want it, must have it!!!!
This project has taken longer than I expected but it's well worth the wait! I started with 60"x60" sheets of 13ply baltic birch plywood. It took 14 sheets but I paid a great woodworker to build four 30" square enclosures. They're 29 3/4" after all the cuts etc. Sanded them and stained but I have to resand and stain once I get them in their open 40'x20' room in the basement. Each side has 2 layers of 13ply which comes out to 1.5" and the baffle has 4 layers which comes to 3". I didn't do any bracing but can always add later if needed. The builder used kreg screws in the coners to attach each peice, glue and pin nails. It looks really awesome, well, his craftsmanship and workmanship. My staining skills need improving but next time I'll use a sprayer.

Nick is a top notch stand up kind of guy that has obvious passion in what he does. My background is sonar on board submarines and now avionics on aircraft. I've been around the best of the best and when you have a standard of excellence, it doesn't matter what the product is, it's of quality. From training with and dropping off Spec Ops from my boat (submarine I served on) to test flights with aggressive pilots, I mean when I say Nick of SI would be in the crew. It doesn't matter your role, you live with honor and a standard of excellence because failure isn't an option!

I picked up the 4 monsters personally from Nick in January and wow they're intimidating to look at. Plan was to use the 2 cv-5000 amps I bought and drive one 24" driver from each channel. Well I just ordered 2 more cv-5000 amps because even though they sounded great getting 2500 watts in their 10.25 cubit feet boxes, they sound even better using 5000 watts. I had to experiment and hooked up one 24" in the brigded mode. That 24" laughed at it and I ened up damaging my circuit breaker trying to make that ONE 24" monster tap out. The whole house shook from only one driver! I obviously over did it by purchasing 4 but us Texans like everything BIG!!!

I'll post more later but I totally get why most everyone that buys one of these 24" peices of art go silent after receiving it. We're in bass heavan lol

More to come, but I'll run a seperate circuit for each amplifier.
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This is absolutely amazing to read and just wish I could hear it. It also is inspiring me to get my HT18 done in my small theater area so I can experience bass like that(well not like that but maybe on the edge of the same realm).
Huge respect for the insane overkill! :yikes: :T :T
cowboyup, thanks for sharing. Reading other peoples' impressions is about as close as I'll be able to get to these phenomenal drivers, but I really enjoy seeing crazy guys like you take on a project with FOUR of them, at 5,000W each. Please do keep us updated as you make progress, I'd love to see them finished and in place.
updates....pics of final placement , and anything else . These are so awesome!
We really need to hearing about the ending of this epic build.
Quad SI HS24D1's to Quad SI BHS24D2's

Just a little update:

Between work and kid activities I'm finally routing wires for the new circuits and switching to four BHS24's while I'm at it. Pressurizes 2700sq, tuned for single digits, focus being extension not volume.
I hope I'm not overdoing it :)

The earthquake theater experience with the 24's is amazing, the glass in the windows appear to flex! They're great with music too! They sound as quick as they do deep! The amount of air they push is epic! They feel like air pumps!

I'll have more to share soon...:hsd:
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Quad SI 24HSD1's to Quad SI 24BHSD2's

Good thing I didn't have these in my single days.

While playing low note material, it doesn't matter how prestigious the lady is, first thing a female does is touch a moving cone, then it never fails. Next thing they do is sit on top or straddle a front corner!

How dare them :nerd2:
I've been a LONG time lurker of Home Theater Shack. I can't thank all those that continue to give advice to us rookies. This is an ongoing project and I'm starting to realize the end isn't in sight after all.

My theater space is about 15'x45 open to another 30'x45". Basically a wide open basement kinda sectioned off but not closed off.

My quest was to duplicate the sound I had in my car 22 years ago, inside of my house. Wow, that was very hard to do because my basement eats bass for breakfast lunch and dinner smh. I went through many different speaker companies and never satisfied. Long story short, it wasn't until I stumbled onto HTS and after calculated research gave SI a try. First rendition was a couple 4cf sealed HT18's and that was a satisfied second base hit (baseball). Then I tried four sealed 10cf (without stuffing which I did add) HS24's and that was a bases loaded grand slam for me! I was more than satisfied. Just 1 of them actually felt like an earthquake!

Now I'm redoing the entire basement which includes running dedicated circuits to each of the four CV-5000 amps, one for each of the four BHS24's. Here's a pic on the theater section before I started tearing down sheet rock. I weight lifted for a couple weeks and went to pic up the BHS24's personally. Always good seeing Nick, love his passion with his products and customer service, why I'm a 4x customer. More to come as I make progress.
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How do they compare to the HS24 in terms of sound quality?

I sold the HS24's and in process of sanding and re-staining the enclosures before I install BHS24's.

The HS24's are very fast. I was under the impression the bigger the cone the slower the driver. That's NOT the case with the HS24. I was told by a pretty knowledgeable subwoofer seller (post on HTS) that control is relative to the motor strength and why the HS24 sound so controlled and compliant. I'm guessing the BHS24's will be even better.

I was more than satisfied with the HS24's. I only upgraded to the BHS24's for the strongest motor that was best matched for my application. I go for the 5hz signals (amp response limited) which are bigger waves than 15,20hz etc. I wanted the most headroom as far as travel and most ulf tolerate, if that makes sense. I went with four to spread the load and soundstage AND having the space to fill.

I would trip the breaker with 2 of the amps at moderate levels but when temporarily riged a circuit I quickly realized I only needed one HS24. Since I already had the 3/4" 13ply double layered and quadruple baffle birch enclosures built, I figured I may as well fill them with the most capable. Maybe I'm a little ocd when it comes to my toys, I definitely over did it. However, I'm so looking forward to firing up each BHS24 and amp on its own circuit.

Between kids softball, cheerleading, baseball and football; other house stuff, working and traveling; theater rebuild will take a few months to complete. I will give intiial subwoofer sound impressions within a couple weeks. I'm really looking forward to hearing how they sound!
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Anyone build tripole surrounds?
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