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here is a mix I made to get my Epson 3600e to be viewable during the day.
What I wanted was better blacks and great whites.
Might help other in the same situation as me.
Only other projector I tested was Epson 5030

Valspar brushed pearl and Behr SS mix
Textured wall painted
148" diagonal screen 14ft throw
2500 lumens
Got the color I want as is why it is on a textured wall
Waiting on my abs to show up.





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formula and instructions

Let me know how it turns out. If you go this route.

Under $100 with all supplies needed

AZ Silver Grey Screen

Buy these paints
Sold at lowes.com only
sold in gallons

1. 1 gallon valspar Brushed
Pearl. Tell them to tint to this code
Use this exact
Color code: 101-3Y44, 107-6, 109-2

2. Also buy flat valspar black sold in quarts already tinted

3. 1 gallon Olimpic Icon 1/ultra white flat paint paint and primer in one.

Olimpic is the flattest white

MIX in a separate mix bucket

1 quart Pearl Already tinted to the color code.
6oz flat black and 26oz Olympic flat white

Depends if you are gonna paint a whole wallYou should double the recipe.

If painting screen
120 inch -150-inch use as directed

Do not mix by hand. I used a hand held drill with a paint mix bit. (The wife's kitchen tool.)
Need the Pearl evenly mix

2 1/4 inch nap rollers
9inch long
Small will give roller marks

Use 1 for white and one for mix
Unless you wash a throughly dry it.

coat Olympic flat white alone let dry

coat is MIX let dry, recalibrate pjs colors.
To your liking. Turn on the pj to a bright solid color picture. Should have a pattern setting.
Look for roller marks and paint runs.

Put roller in a plastic bag
When waiting for third coat.
It will dry as quick as the paint.

Also cover up paint.

Finish paint should have enough for 2 more coats.
But treat 3rd coat as your last
Make sure it's good.

On the last coat roll over same spot no more than 2 times watch for paint runs. Once your at the end do not Go over previously rolled area you will
Change that spot. If need to patch up spots will need to make another batch.

Recommend using with 2500 lumen and up if you
Want a darker screen add 4 oz flat black and 4oz Pearl for darker blacks. Whites will dim though

If too dark add white 4 oz
Flat white

Hope that helps your situation
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