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Hey guys,

It has been brought to my attention by Brian @ Rythmik audio that incorporatong two LT circuits or two shelving filters in order to attain the proper Qts new to old ratio and have it bind with the old/new Fs ratio would be a good way for me to gain some extension at reasonable output levels.

I've looked at the Behringer FBQ2496. Kramskoi has done a **** of a job integrating one of these into his system. The results were nothing short of outstanding...If I can achieve something similar with my single TC-3k (granted, in a much smaller room) I'd be most satisfied for HT.

Here are the in-room listening position *measurements with a set of quick BFD filters

*I found out after taking these measurements that I wasn't using the proper mono cables from my mic pre-amp to the ECM8000...so the above graph could be horrifically inaccurate.

Far from flat, but as you can see there is a significant drop in output right below 20hz. Also, factor in the effects of the BFD on overall system Qtc and I am losing some of the benefit of an extremely low Q alignment...(A major reason LT seems like a better idea for getting more low end extension in my particular case.)

I'd like to try an FBQ, but is there anything particularly better?

Looks like a lot of research will be done today :bigsmile:
just checking Ex...but make sure you have the soundcard and mic calibrated properly...even so, the mic cal file from Sonnie terminates at 10 Hz and if you look at your graph you can surmise as much...just a few thoughts...:T

btw...i recently changed the crossover to 60 Hz and reversed the phase and the integration is much improved, right through the crossover point...also lowered the crossover to 80 Hz for DVD playback and noted similar results...only a 5 dB hump at 70 Hz (80 Hz setting) that i'm not ready to tackle...in music mode at 60 Hz it is integrated as well as i've ever heard...speaker level between left and right, subwoofer level vs. mains level, distance settings, filter widths and centers...all this affects the phase relationship between the sub and mains in one or another...since i only have 0 or 180 to choose from, i have to be creative but i've found solutions for both the 2x15 and 3x15, which is flatter across the board at both 60 and 80 Hz...i also took them off separate channels on the FBQ...one output now feeds both subs with the exact same equalization...it works best...the graph i've included is with 0 boost...good luck to you, martin



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