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Check out the Logitech Harmony Elite. It has a touchscreen remote that is RF to a hub that is a IR blaster and has incredible reach. It also includes two IR emitters that plug into the hub. You could discretely mount the hub outside the cabinet where it has line-of-sight to the tv (for source and menu control, etc.) and let the emitters do their thing inside the cabinet. Or the other way around if that's more aesthetic in your set up. The nice thing is the hub will also control many home automation devices too like Phillips HUE Bulbs, Samsung smart things hub, etc. I have mine programmed to control even my LED light strips by using the "Learn" function and the original LED remote. A FLIRC allows me to perform simple HTPC functions too - Next, Previous, Play, Pause, etc. Takes some creativity but works well. Battery life is not great, but I keep the charger right on the end table and just store it there every night. Last thing, the vertical charging station is MUCH more robust and makes contact much better than the old horizontal cradles. Those were terrible. Short of getting into the full-blown URC stuff and programming hex codes, this does a great job.
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