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- 12x12x17 bass traps in 3 corners, 6 feet high...Ultra touch cotton.
- 1" OC703 at the reflection points on the side walls. Only up to 42" and only about 5' long based on modeling software I downloaded and equations off several sites.
- 1" OC703 across the screen/speaker wall (top and bottom).
- 2" rockwool 60 across the back wall.
- another 4" panel behind the seating, 48" high x 96" wide

Is there anything Im doing wrong other then the obvious that doing my room "sideways" is just goofy?
I'm sure Bryan (bpape) will give you the best advise ... :yes:

My only opinion is to use 2" OC703 to cover 100% of the screen/speaker wall and first reflection points instead of 1" (I'm using 2' x 2' x 2" panels to cover the reflection points, but I have accoustical carpet from floor to railchair (around 36" high) :bigsmile: )

Is there any reason Why you're not using the short wall (15') for your screen LCR speakers??? :dontknow:
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