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Skype May be in the Cards for the PS3
10/25/2010 Written by Anthony Severino

One of the PSP’s most attractive features is its ability to make calls over the internet via Skype. The feature has been available on the PSP for just under two years now, which has left many wondering why the service isn’t available on the PS3. It certainly would make more sense on the PS3, utilizing the PS Eye to make video calls to friends and family.

According to one Sony exec, thanks to the PS3 and firmware updates, “it’s a possibility”.
While speaking with Kotaku Australia, Michael Ephraim, the Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, was asked about Skype making its way to the PS3. Ephraim offered this long-winded response:
“…Skype is still a popular and desired feature of the PSP experience, in addition to enjoying great games and now movies on demand. Our global development teams certainly take into account the relative desirability of the feature set, so consumer needs and technology innovation really drive the product development process. It’s impossible to look into the future but I would guess, like everything, it’s a possibility particularly with PS3 system software upgrade ability…”
While this definitely isn’t the most promising of statements, it at least keeps hope alive for Skype on the PS3. If this is something you want, make sure to head over to the PlayStation Blog’s share section and make your voice known.

Source: PSLS
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