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I don't know why but I experienced crashes and extreme slowness in typing?

And after many many times in trying to select my own avatar I gave up; it is simply impossible?

The typing is now faster, but it wasn't earlier.

How many posts do we need? ...For an avatar and other things.

This is the Forum Help section; I'm glad that I found it. :cool:

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How do you download an avatar? I just tried several more times, but it just does not work.


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Can someone with experience tell me how to pick my own avatar? ...And profile picture?
And how to turn OFF the right section with the latest and advertising?
And how to make changes in my profile that work?
And how to improve the very slow speed of navigating and posting?

Is there something not working right? Because I've never seen such slow response when typing. It keeps breaking up and crashing.

Thank you,

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I'm sure one of the admins will help you shortly. I can only think that maybe you don't have the new version of the web site? Is the general color brownish/orange or blue?

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I got the brand new version, orange.

I'm sure it's just a temporary glitch. One day I'll be able to have the avatar of my choice. And things will be running faster, like they do usually. :)
And if I could get rid of the that section @ right, with the latest posts and adds...

Thanks Tonto for replying. :cool:

* This is the avatar ↓ I would like to have:


I just don't know why it won't allow me to have it? And I know how it works, just in case.
After roughly three dozen tentative or more, I simply gave up. It's not really important, what is is our contributions about the love we have for our hobbies; music and cinema.

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Unable to save image

That is the constant message I get when trying to select my own avatar. And everything I do is good, following the instructions to the letter.
No one else is experiencing similar?

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hey there,

just to confirm, you are having an issue trying to change your avatar image? is anyone else having this issue?


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Yes, I cannot pick the avatar of my choice, even very tiny ones.
Also, I cannot get rid of the adds on the right column side. Normally you can discard that right column with adds, videos, Premium Vendor Showcase, Gear Reviews, Blu-ray Reviews, Recent Discussions, audio companies advertisement.
Also, I cannot get a profile picture, and no sig picture either.
Also, sometimes it is painfully slow to navigate and to post.

I have no clue why it is doing that; anything to do with vBulletin and VerticalScope's latest breach of security?

Also, while surfing around it doesn't seem to be as active as it used to be. Pardon me of saying but there used to be a time when it was alive with more great members. The members that are still here are fantastic but they are simply fewer of them than when HTS wasn't run by VerticalScope, which seems to be into financial advertising strictly and without an ounce of human care. ...Just a business to get your info in order to make money with you. Am I wrong or am I right?

Of course us the members here we're not like that; we like to learn and share about our audio/visual hobby, and help others without any financial rewards, for totally free. We love to get great info and give it back. Is this the forum's philosophy, today in 2016?

I do understand the Ontario's company (VS) huge lack of security and immense mishandling on many millions of member's accounts from all over the world; is this why it is now completely different than the past?

Please tell it like it is, don't be afraid, I can take it and not only it would help me but everyone else as well.

Thank you for reading and your consideration, cheers,

P.S. Tomorrow is July 1st, 2016, and I would like to have the avatar of my choice and have the ability to get rid of all those commercials and videos; I'm sure they don't help the speed of navigation here @ HTS.
If I can help with anything @ all, please just ask; I'm here to make this place a paradise on earth.

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hey there,

Ill be escalating this ticket as its a larger bug having to due with Avatars. ill pass along the ticket to the tech department to have it fixed.


As for your inquiry, we want everyone here to have the best experience they can have within the community. We apologize for the issues with the security and have since corrected the issue. As for the avatar bug, we have a fix for it already, and ill pass it along to be fixed and under control.

let me know if you need anything else. Id be more then happy to help. :)


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Thanks Shane. :cool:

Resurrecting HTS from the dead would be nice. VerticalScope can take over from here, you guys are a huge Canadian company from the east, so you must know a thing or two about good forum's performance. Plus, the people from Canada they are the best. :) ...The vast majority. There are great people everywhere, but Canadians are just very peaceful people...generally. Also, the people from Iceland, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, ...all great places to live peacefully and retire in picturesque decor.

The avatar thing is just nothing to fret over, but normally in a normal forum...yes it works...you can pick your own.

The community here @ HTS, from my window, is minuscule. It used to be much more active than that; something dramatic must have happened, and scared 99% of the previous members. ...Or they couldn't log anymore, or they lost interest, or they miss the old days before it was sold. I don't blame anyone; everyone loves money...more than their own soul. :)

Of course I am humorous; no one would sell their soul.

Another thing I find distracting is the slowness of navigation at times, and all those commercials.
I understand the business side I do, and I also understand the largest business side, the full picture; a forum with traffic.
Because without traffic there is no business. :)
* It's just nice to have the option of turning that right column off, like you can in normal forums.
So the User CP is in need of a substantial update; for the pleasure of everyone, and in the goal to attract more traffic...larger business.

Anyway, it's first a forum for the people; the music and movie lovers...and the art of perfecting those hobbies.

Data, everyone feels more secure with data; it's good for business. Good service attracts good business.


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The sidebar (@ right - SEARCH) is, I believe, a handicap in making the navigation here @ HTS erratic, painfully slow, and almost impossible to scroll down.

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Did you receive a legal notice from Vertical Scope?
Did you change your password or did they change it for you?

That navigation thing is inconsistent. Plus with a total of approximately 50 members (active) you shouldn't be experiencing traffic issues.
For me some days it's not bad, other days it's impossible to have a smooth experience.

I tried to replicate that right advertising column from my above post but from copy/paste that's the way it came out.
I would need to take a snapshot but I lost my phone.

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I tried to replicate that right advertising column from my above post but from copy/paste that's the way it came out.
I would need to take a snapshot but I lost my phone.
Just use the "CTL Print screen" on your keyboard and it will capture a screenshot of what your seeing. Paste that into paint and save it.
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