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If theres no picture one will be added soon.
I need 2 of the older RF power series T3002 amplifiers. (bronzeish color with heat sink on sides and top)
I also would like 2 pairs of 8" 4 ohm midbasses
I also need sound deadner...so these are items I'm open to trading

Shoot me a pm with zip code and I'll get you some shipping prices

Rockford Fosgate 15" sub woofer

this is an older RF series woofer rated at 8ohms
Great condition, gasket looks good, cone and surround look perfect
$50 obo

Orion Cobalt XTR 12" subwoofer

Old school. 8ohm
Looks good...but cone is a little sun faded.
$25 obo

Q logic 12" Ported Hatch back box
Great condition. Carpet is still nice and dark black. Carpet pulled loose at back corners...other wise in perfect condition.
Port tube replaced with PVC pipe
Has subwoofer gasket but no grill
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