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Sonosub Cat Tree build CSS SDX10

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Hey guys, wifey says no to a boxed sub in the living room, so I came up with a compromise :D
Since my wife is a crazy cat lady, I suggested I make a SISAL SUB (I'd use some parts from an old cat tree because it's hilarious)! Here goes...

I'd like to keep it about 45" high, and need to use a 3" port if possible (already have, 4's are tough to find here in Canada)). I have the Bash 300 amp, and a CSS SDX10 already. I would prefer to use a 12" sonotube to keep it smaller.

7 questions:

1) do I need some kind of padding inside? Egg crate foam or something?
2) how do I mount the amp to the sub?
3) What do I tune it to?
4) How long should my port be on my down-firing sub?
5) is it ok to use just sub feet on the bottom? Should I use Isolators? I have some extras
6) What kind/brand of paint is best for MDF?
7) How the do I attach sonotube to a piece of MDF?!?

Am I nuts? I'm sure my cats will love this when the sub is in standby, not sure how much they'll like it during the opening sequence of Edge of Tomorrow :rofl2:

Thanks in advance for any guidance!
I'll post pics when it's done
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Given your questions I might suggest a diy sub kit like dayton audio or parts express. Not a recommendation for any vendor, just a suggestion for a start.

Any sizable cat tree will have resonance modes that will vibrate badly if attached directly to a sub. Maybe consider something like an Eiffel Tower trunk with a palm tree top, but do something to provide isolation between the sub and the tree, which includes the floor, so yes isolating feet for both. Also consider sub placement before committing to a design. Given a spouse approval factor you may have to live with some compromise, but do a drawing including the placement in the room before ordering parts, saves time and arguments.

Consider buying a used sub from the forum/craigslist/ebay and hot gluing sisal and/or carpet to that. Do not spend too much as cats can pee on things, maybe a removal carpet shell for the sub, that way it can be tossed and replaced cheaply and the solid wood surfaces of the as delivered sub are easier to clean. Ikea used to have a shelf system that used extra long wood screws to bolt together maybe called Ivar. Surface was unfinished wood, but you are going to cover it with carpet/Sisal. Cats like soft surface also, imagine Sisal rope running vertically hot glued to Eiffel Tower base to simulate bark and carpet with extra padding on horizontal surfaces to simulate leaves and provide multiple steps to climb and nap on. Suggest considering the cats ability to jump and impact of aging on vertical leaf separation, consider providing a path to the top that does not require vertical climbing.

Yes post your designs as you iterate. good luck
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That’s some smart thinking
Have you found a sub or subwoofer setup?
Are you going to build it or just looking for a sub tube? I have some spare drivers if you need and my be able to help you come up with a design
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