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Hello there,

2 years ago I did a build of a sundown sa10 tuned at 26hz. You can check out my post here if you are interested:innocent:.


I still am happy with the sub and box. It is capable to go pretty low IMO, had my door and other things ratteling and flex in my plaster wall at 16hz, its poweren by a Crown XLS 1000.

But planning to upgrade to larger stuff now because I am married and live on my own now. In my previous situation the sundown was in my placed in my bedroom which small compared to my livingroom, the sundown just does not seems large enough to deliver strong and convincing information:heehee:.

I have made up a little plan with a Dayton Audio Ultimax 15, I think this is a very capable sub and looks very cool. Also thinking of a sonotube sub becuase I like the concept of a cylindrical sub, This is what I'm thinking about:
- Volume 300l (10,6 cf)
- Tuning fraction under 20Hz
- Thinking maybe to use a smaller sonotube as port. port diameter 240mm, length 978mm

I probably will use 1000wrm to power the dayton, my concern is that this design has a port air velocity of 18,8m/s at 18Hz, how big of a problem will this be, if any? I dont want to go much larger then my curren design due to WAF.

Also another concern is that the distance between the end of the sub and beginning of the port is 172mm, is this an issue?

The tube diameter is 615mm and the overall length of the sub is 1,5m. The tube is braced every 20cm with 22mm mdf rings which also supports the port. Also there are some vertical braces every 90degrees between each bracing ring. Still am I thinking that the tube is not strong enough, wallthickness is 7,5mm. I thought maybe to do 2 tubes with diffrent diameters and fill the space inbetween them with sand to get some strength but I find that was a bit overdone? I could not fine any information about this with other people who already made some sonotube subs. Suggestions? :nerd:

I hope you can give me some advise and/or ideas about my design/setup.

Thank you very much for your help and advise. :sweat::clap::innocent:


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I don't think you will hear any port noise with 19 m/s at 18 Hz so you are good to go there.

With your peak in the response at 20-30 Hz you could make the cab larger volume, or tune lower.

Congrats on the upgrade :grin2: The ultimax are great subs from what I understand, very similar capability to the SI sub I have.
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