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Sony Bdv-E370 muting issue

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I have a Sony BDV-E370 and it has worked fine for years until I connected a digital audio cable to it and to a PS4 tonight. After I did this I cannot get audio for anything else. I unconnected the digital cable and now it says muting real small next to all of the different format settings. It's different from the larger muting text when you actually click mute on the controller. Usually I can watch digital cable and turn the receiver on and set it to Audio and get surround sound, but it does nothing since I connected the audio cable to it. I have gone through all of the setting, reset all options, etc and nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't want to have to buy a complete home theater system because the receiver is acting up.


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It seems that after 5 years my Panasonic plasma and Sony receiver started to fight for control with the Panasonic wanting to now be in control of the theater. Its never done this before and it wasn't until the optical cable was connected between the PS4 and Receiver. Now it does no sound when the Panasonic Viera takes over the theater and when I turn it off I get sound through tv and it mutes the receiver. The only fix I have been able to come up with is to use the optical cable between the receiver and tv, now when the Panasonic takes over I get sound through the surround sound only not through the tv and when I turn Viera off it comes through tv only. I don't know why the cable freaked the system out so much, but at least its trying to do something now.
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