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Need help re-configuring and/or controlling my CD playback cabability.

I have a Bose Lifesytle 28 system with 2 zones. Zone 1 is the surround system with my TV in the Family Room. Zone 2 is in the other wing of the house and serves the Living Room, Dining Room, and Study primarily for music.

CDs are contained in a Sony 400 CD jukebox connected into the Bose system near the TV.

My issues are:
1. The Sony 400 CD control capability is very cumbersome. It works, but to program a group of disks takes re-reading the user manual everytime. It would be nice to be able to control it from some type of data base control software.
2. Can all of the CDs be stored onto a hard drive and replace the Sony Jukebox? And then control the hard drive with PC based software?
3. Can the solution to 1&2 above then be connected into the Bose system? Currently the Sony Jukebox connects to the Bose system via RCA connectors. The Sony Jukebox has an optical output, but the Bose Optical input is being used for the Satellite TV. Not sure this is an issue though as the sound seems fine. Just might be an issue for a Jukebox replacement to provide the RCA connector output.
4. Can the Sony Jukebox replacement be controlled remotely from a different room of the house; preferably the Zone 2 Study, Living Room, Dining Room area?


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