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I have a SONY DAV-DZ310 home theater. I am unable to play some avi files (stored in a 8GB USB drive) on it but the same avi files (same USB file) are playing fine on a LG DVD Player. The USB is on FAT32 format. Please help
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Hello and welcome to the Shack!

Thats not uncommon, There are many DVD players that will not read that format. Does it clearly state in the manual of the Sony that it plays AVI files?
yes it says it can play avi files... i can play some of the avi movies on my SONY

some times it can play first few minutes and then it hangs but on my LG player the same files are playing fine ...
Have you tried burning them to a DVDr? that may give you better results. USB drives are not always fast enough.
i want to use USB feature ... that was the only reason i bought it .. please suggest what can i do to fix this USB issue
You can try lowering the sample rate of the AVI file or try a faster USB flash drive.
can this be because of a firmware issue ? can i update the firmware ... any known sources that i can use to download latest firmwares
Avi Format
Sample Rate 44100Hz
Channel: Stereo (2 Channel)
Audio bitrate 128 kbps
Audio codes mp3
Enable audio

Resolution 640*480
Frame Rate 29.97fps
Video bitrate 1500kbps
video codes xvid
Enable video

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