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Sony KDF-E42A10 blinking red power/standby led

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Set turns on , power/standby led blinks green several times, changes to red and blinks 3 times in sequence forever, no picture or sound. Owners manual says "contact a Sony Service center". Anyone have a clue as to what might have failed. I'm the original owner, the set has been problem free for 5-6 years, worked great until yesterday morning.:scratch::yikes::dontknow:
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According to the service manual, a sequence of 3 blinks indicates a lamp door or lamp problem. So I popped open the lamp access port, opened & closed the lamp door, put everything back together, nothing changed. Next, I repeated the above, along with removing & reseating the lamp assembly itself. Re-assembled everything, & the problem was solved. Apparently, the lamp assembly had somehow come loose by itself. Or, the lamp door latch & associated micro-switch just needed to be cycled several times.:flex::clap:
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That set and many Sony's have 2 switches in series. One on the lamp door, and one directly under the lamp. The one under the lamp usually causes the 3 code, the lamp only has to flex a few mm and it breaks the switch contacts.

If you have an ongoing problem with this, check that the switch under the lamp hasn't come loose, it has a small screw holding it in position.

I fixed my TV

my lamp blowup and I got a new one from amazon, It's an original one from Philips and came with casing.
I changed the lap very easy and did some cleaning, The TV turned on for a few minutes and then it shut off and the power light blinked 3 times and if i tried to turned on again it just turn the power led green and then it start to blink red three times. I tried removing the lamp several times and then put it on again and still had the 3 red blinks. I leave it all night unplugged and try the same (remove lamp, turn on TV) and at first it turn on but in a few minutes it shut off and start to blink red again.

So what I did is changed the lamp casing of the new lamp to the old casing, and that seems to solved the problem.

I noticed the old casing has some metal in the interior of the lamp area and the front crystal fits tighter. I believe that the new casing was overheating and the TV was protecting itself and tuned off.

also vacuum all the fan area and the inside of the light tunnel helps.
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If the case of the new lamp doesn't contact the switch under the lamp, you get a 3 code. Those switches are also prone to failure.
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