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Sony KDL-46S3000 No picture from DVD

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I get sound, but no picture from DVD source. I have tried two different DVD players (Denon and Panasonic), and have connected via HDMI, S-video, and composite, all to no avail. One day it worked fine, next day no picture, but sound comes through fine via composite connections...what am I missing here? Thanks!
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Welcome to HTS!!! :D Do you have an AVR in the loop, or are the DVD players connected directly to the TV? It seems strange to me that it just stopped working; do you have any other sources connected (cable, satellite, etc.), and -if so- are they working OK?
Thanks for responding. I spent about an hour with Sony chat trying to sort it out to no avail, but after that I decided to try one last connection using the Denon receiver/DVD player connected directly via component video. It works! I'm still not sure why composite, S-video and HDMI were unsuccessful as they were all connected directly as well. Maybe the TV was looking for component (previously used for DISH satellite) and refusing to recognize the other inputs. Who knows? When I get to heaven I will ask the angel assigned to Sony to explain it to me.
Does the TV have assignable inputs? Some TVs have a generic "input 2" or "input 3" (these are just examples), and you have to go into the TV's menu and "tell" it if you are using HDMI, component, etc. It's worth a look. :scratch:
Thanks. I finally got it to work using the componrnt video input. The input menu on the TV settings screen are identified as video 1, video2, componemt2, component2, HDMI1, HDMI2, TV, etc. I have not gone back to try any other inputs since getting it to work - leaving well enough alone!
What resolution and frame rate do the players default to?
I'm not sure about the resolution, but I think I can find out from the owner's manuals. I don't know what frame rate is, but I will try to find a reference to that also. Many thanks...We now have the Denon DVD playing via the component video input.
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