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Sony kp-57ws500 Convergence setting

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Sony kdp-65ws500 Convergence setting

I need help. i have a sony kdp-65ws500 that does not show the +'s that are used to adjust the convergence. I just replaced the IC's but don't see any +'s to align. Does anyone have any ideas of what may be the problem?

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Do you have the service manual and training rock and do you understand the alignment process?
Re: Sony dkp-65ws500 Convergence setting

No I don't have the service manual. I have change a couple before and aligned it with no problem. They were not Sony TV's. I just got a Sony and changed out the IC and put board back inside TV. When I go to the Convergence adjust there are no + signs to adjust.
Re: Sony kdp-65ws500 Convergence setting

I just performed a self diagnosis on the TV and I have a 1 on the 10:HV PROT line. Does that help with helping me?
That just means that it shut down at some point. Likely indirectly related to the convergence issue.

What exactly are you doing that results in the missing pattern? What do you mean by "go to the Convergence adjust?" There are many possibilities and without more specific information it is difficult to assess what is going on.
Re: Sony kdp-65ws500 Convergence setting

When I click SETUP, then click CONVERGENCE, then click ADJUST there are suppose to be "+" symbols all over the screen that im suppose to align so that all of the colors (red,green,and blue{) are directly on top of each other. But there aren't any "+" symbols to adjust.
I did not recall that this unit had the ability to manually converge like this. If it does, and that mode is not functioning, it could either be a system level setting that enables the function or a bad convergence generator. It could also be that the convergence alignment was not completed properly and saved. What is the service history of the set?
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