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sony kp65ws510 convergence

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KP65WS510 model

NEW stk IC's. All fuses good. All resistors good.

-22v circuit missing. Reading 1.0v.

On my particular model in the user menu it allows you to go in and adjust convergence using a crosshair grid. Im not sure if this is the same as going into the service menu. It also has a "flash focus" which i tried twice after i initially replaced the chips.


If my convergence chips (originals) were bad and I used the user menu (not service menu) to manually adjust convergence (which i was unable to move any color), would that cause a D5002 bridge rectifier to output -45.1v ? Or perhaps affect the dc offset and cause the rectifier to output more voltage thus blowing a 5a power supply fuse? It is supposed to have an output of -22v and +22 v. +22v is fine all the way through the deflection board and one IC is heating up. The other is not.

A 5A fuse PS5001 (on power supply board) of the -22v circuit keeps blowing after replacing several new IC's.

Ive removed the IC's (both) and checked voltages and they were -22v and +22v where they needed to be. When I soldered the IC's back in the -22v is now missing. Like I said +22 is fine. NO BRIDGES i can guarantee that. All connectors are in their correct sockets.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I have advanced level electronics and can troubleshoot but Im not too familiar with how these sets operate and what commonly fails. Maybe you might have some more experience with these Sony's.

Thank you and have a good day.
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Please read the first ten posts of the convergence repair sticky in the DIY Repair forum VERY carefully.

Bad parts, bad solder connections, a bad yoke, bad convergence generator, muting circuit...there are lots of possibilities. Try running the set without the ICs and if the fuse does not blow you know you have a problem that is causing the ICs to fail. You can also check the inputs to the chips for d.c. offset and proper waveforms with the chips pulled.
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