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Sony Not Worried About 3D Adoption; Compares to Blu-Ray Launch

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Sony Not Worried About 3D Adoption; Compares to Blu-Ray Launch
06/26/2010 Written by Anthony Severino

Sony is no stranger to innovation and no stranger to risk. Adding a Blu-Ray drive to every PS3 was quite a gamble – it even hurt the PS3 during the first couple years thanks to the high manufacturing cost – but is paying off in a big way. Blu-Ray is the only HD disc-based media on the market (aside from digital download) and Sony is likely enjoying quite a boost in revenue thanks to it winning the format war. It’s even paying off in the PS3 as major game publishers such as EA are adding extra content exclusive to the PS3 all thanks to Blu-Ray’s massive storage capacity.

Can Sony do it all over again, this time with 3D? Apparently the consumer electronics giant is not at all concerned about the challenge of getting consumers to adopt 3D tech in their homes.

Sony’s inclusion of Blu-Ray in the PS3 almost certainly helped decide the HD format war. Now Sony is hoping the PS3, and more specifically 3D gaming will help usher in the era of 3D entertainment.

In an interview withIndustryGamers, Scott Rohde, VP of Sony Worldwide Studios compares the launch of 3D to Blu-Ray’s launch:
“Not a concern. It’s a strategy. The best thing I can relate this to is the Blu-Ray launch. I think this is like a rewind for me, a lot of the same questions”

“So, it’s a distinct strategy that we’ve chosen to take to be on the bleeding edge and drive the market into these new experiences. So we’re not worried about quick adoption rate. We’re driving people to adopt period.”

Sony recently unveiled their plans to dominate the 3D Home Theater market. Will you be picking up a 3DTV in the near future? Or is 3D nothing more than a headache, literally?

Source: PSLS
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I'm quite enthusiastic about 3D but just having invested in a high end projection HT system, it will be a long time before I re-invest in 3D unless my existing system can be adapted for it, and when it comes time, I'm looking toward Panasonic as the real 3D leader so Sony won't be "driving" me anywhere in the 3D world. It's noteworthy that BlueRay adoption referred to in Sony's note, isn't doing as well as some would have you believe either, so I wouldn't use it as a benchmark for growth if I were them. The same problem exists there: high investment cost in new product (BD disks) for folks that may already be pretty happy with the DVD version they already have. (I'm not saying BlueRay is equal to DVD, but for some movies, BlueRay just isn't worth the expense of buying a duplicate BD if the DVD is already owned).

One of the biggest problems at present is that only TWO features are out in 3D on BlueRay. That's not helping sell 3D unless you REALLY like those two movies!!! This problem will plague all 3D equipment makers for some time.

I believe 3D will win out, given enough time, but there could well be some fall-out in the industry before that happens. In the meantime, I'm playing it very conservative with anything 3D and waiting for better (lower cost, forward compatible, better designed) 3D solutions for Home Theater.
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