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Hello folks,

I have a Sony KP-57ws510 Projection screen television manufactured in 2004. Back in February of 2013 the convergence IC's took a dump and I replaced them with OEM Sonyo IC's and the television worked great for a little over three years until last week. This time the convergence is out again but I don't suspect its the chip.

While the TV is on and I touch the chip in the back of the set I notice it is cold to the touch leading me to believe one of the pico fuses dropped out.

Sure enough after checking the power supply board with a multi-meter there was a blown 5amp pico leading to the cold chip.

I replaced the pico and the picture came back beautifully for about 20mins and the same fuse blows again?

Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be going on? and what I should troubleshoot next?

I appreciate your time!

-Here in Philly
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