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Sony sourround

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Hi peeps, I have a souround sound system Sony Dav 280 5/1 that has just lost its centre speaker signal, I have taken it apart and have probs with the PCB, anyway I have also bought a Sony bdp s480 which is a blueray, now my dav280 that has now stopped is surplus as it has DVD but we now have the Blue ray anyway, my thought was well I have the speakers 5/1 so will the bdp s 480 accept the speakers and do souround sound or can I just replace the dav with an AV amp and use the bdp, this isnt my field so please accept my ignorance as I am not sure which way to go, it seems that I have the speakers and sub and am not into it enough tospends loads of money as I have the speakers and the blueray but am a tat confused, any advice for the simplist way to go forward would be much appreiated, ahh the new TV we have is a Samsung UE558000YU and would like to use sourround sound using my exisiting speakers, if I did have to buy an amp I would prefer to get Sony as I have sony speakers and bluray.:dontknow::dontknow:
Many thanks for reading my dilema!!:T:T
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Thank you Kal, I could do with having alook in a service manual for a Dav 280 to check the values of the capacitors that have popped, would anyone have any idea of a good link where i could get one please,
Thank you chaps
I would like to stick to sony as i now have the sony bluray player, so what is a sony system that is compatible that I can gp to get with a stand alone amp and 5/1 speakers please that will suit my system, as the people in the shop normally dont seeem to know the tech side of things??
Thank you
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