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Soundblaster Live! 24-bit USB External Setup

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REW (SB Live! 24-bit external)


I have a Creative 24 bit external soundcard but have been unable to calibrate it despite messing with all the various settings there was always some feedback. The only way I can get a normal looking curve was to use the internal card as output and the external card as input. This gave me a calibration curve similar to that for an internal card.
I then tried a sweep for the sub but it seems with limited success :scratch:
I've spent all day on this and achieving very little so far. Can anyone help?

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I have set up my Live 24 as instructed in this thread, but when I select the input in REW, Line In is not shown. I only have Microphone and What U Hear. Why is Line In not an option?
Did you check the thread above where it says,

'Just above the slider on the far right of the SB Surround Mixer box there is REC. with a small symbol just above the red slider.

Check that the vertical writing alongside the slider shows "Line-in/Mic-in" instead of "What you hear"

Did that not make any difference?

I did do as instructed, but Line In was still not in the list.

Because the SB Live 24 uses the same input channel for both mic and line in which it labels MICROPHONE, the unit detects which is connected. Select the input called MICROPHONE in REW.
Thanks John, I will use the Line In and select Microphone and see if that works.

Next question. I thought I would use the optical out, and it does work, until I got to the step to calibrate the sound card and realized, oops, I can't connect the Opt Out to the Line In. Since the Live 24 has speaker pair outputs (L/R main, L/R surround, Center/Sub), which pair should I use as the output. I do have an optical in and an analog L/R input on the front of my Denon AVR-3805 that I will use for the input. It looks like the Live will encode the LFE channel to the mains out if 2.1 is selected. So, is the L/R main output what I want to use? If I want to run REW on all speakers, do I just select a different output connector for the different channels or will setting the Live to 5.1 encode all channels to the L/R main output? Will the Denon be able to decode all channels from the analog inputs? I know I can just try this, but I have to run out and buy more cables, so I thought I might get an answer before I get another unusable cable.
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Thanks again, John. I do have discreet inputs, but due to the electronics being in an entertainment center, they are almost impossible to get to. I will settle for the mains and sub for now. I may use the optical out just to take measurements.
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