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Soundblaster Live! 24-bit USB External Setup

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REW (SB Live! 24-bit external)


I have a Creative 24 bit external soundcard but have been unable to calibrate it despite messing with all the various settings there was always some feedback. The only way I can get a normal looking curve was to use the internal card as output and the external card as input. This gave me a calibration curve similar to that for an internal card.
I then tried a sweep for the sub but it seems with limited success :scratch:
I've spent all day on this and achieving very little so far. Can anyone help?

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Just like to say thanks John for showing the Soundblaster Live! screenshot.

Until I saw your post I'd just run the device as Plug and Play and was getting nothing except music replay.

Now I've run the software CD and have lots more toys to play with. :T

The packaging said Plug and Play and (like a fool) I trusted the packaging. :rolleyesno:

The problem is if you connect a device and then run the CD you sometimes get multiple drivers and a non-functioning toy.
It happened with both my Philips Toucam Pro webcams 1 & 2.

One day all IT will be as easy to use as toasters. Now if I could only fathom out how to work my toaster. :laugh:

Thanks (yet) again.
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A quick tip for the SB Live! External Soundcard user:

Just above the slider on the far right of the SB Surround Mixer box there is REC. with a small symbol just above the red slider.

Check that the vertical writing alongside the slider shows "Line-in/Mic-in" instead of "What you hear".

"What you hear" seems to be the default setting and the mixer returns to this internal monitoring setting automatically!

If you have "What you hear" enabled then REW behaves EXACTLY as if it is working perfectly. Both bar-graphs will bounce up and down obediently and the SPL boxes will pretend to read the RS meter/microphone input to digital perfection. REW will then chew on the test sweep and show every sign of working correctly.

But all you get in the response graph window after every single test sweep is a mirror-image of your meter correction curve! Not an interesting wiggly line representing your real response curve.

This had me scratching my head for a while as it's easy to miss the tiny sideways message beside the slider.
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